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Stainless Steel 4-Way LED Well Light (UWL675)

Stainless Steel 4-Way LED Well Light (UWL675)

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Illuminate Your Landscape with Low-Level LED Light that Doesn't Overpower the Eye

4-Way Diffuser

The UWL675 is a stainless steel 4way LED Well Light. As a larger model of our UWL604WP 4way, this well light works well in walkways, decks, and more.

With the 4way diffuser, light pushes out the sides of the fixture, keeping light out of eyes and instead, focused on the ground below. Because of this, the UWL675 beautifully illuminates your landscape with low-level lighting and without overpowering any of its surroundings.

  • Low voltage, 12v AC
  • 5w LED, 2700k
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Recessed
  • Finish: stainless steel

Each 4-way LED Well Light includes a 5w MR16 LED, 2 "Dry-Conn" connectors, and a PVC sleeve.

Dimensions: 4.25" height x 3.5" diameter

Get Your Perfect Lighting Effect with Other Great Options

Up Lighting

WL401 - This versatile well light is beloved by many. Though best used for recessed up lighting, walkway, and driveway lighting, the WL401 will look amazing in almost every application.

UWL685 - For up lighting with a little less kick, the UWL685 is a must-have. This well light with a slotted diffuser keeps the up lighting effect of the WL401. But, the diffuser softens the direct light and makes it a little easier on sensitive eyes.

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