Collection: Transformers

A transformer is a device that is used to step down household electric current to low output electric current for landscape lights.

DIYers should keep in mind that the key to expandability is buying the right size transformer. A larger model will give you room to grow and add more lights if needed down the line. This means that instead of having to purchase a new transformer when adding additional lights, all you’ll need is additional wiring and fixtures – making installation much simpler. So even if you don’t anticipate needing more lights for now, investing in a larger transformer can go a long way toward avoiding hassle later on.

Our transformers come with different ratings depending on the wattage output. These can range from 75 to 300 watts which relates to the number of light fixtures installed. Our transformers are equipped with a plug for your own controls or a 24-hour timer that increases the automation of the lighting at your home.