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  • Why Do I Need a Transformer for My Low Voltage Lights?

    What are transformers used for in landscape lighting, why do I need one, and why do they cost so much? These are great questions to ask when considering installing or purchasing landscape lighting for your property. Read more to hear our answers to these questions!
  • Silhouette Lights - Local Contractors

    Looking for a reputable contractor in the Lower Mainland? Here is a list of Silhouette Lights recommended contractors that we have worked with in the past and present!
  • Low Voltage Lighting - What's the Appeal?

    What is Low Voltage Lighting and What’s the Appeal? Read about the benefits of having a low voltage system and how they heavily outweigh that of solar lighting systems or high voltage systems. Increase your home's safety, security, and value with ultra-safe low voltage lighting that can be installed by anyone.