DIY Virtual Landscape Lighting Design

Helping Your DIY Landscape Lighting Project Come to Reality Is What We do

Are you a DIYer with a few completed projects under your belt? Adding landscape lighting to your next outdoor project is a must and we can help you get the perfect result in three easy steps:

  • Take day-time pictures that clearly show the areas of your landscape you want to include in your design.
  • Complete the virtual Landscape Lighting Design form and upload your photos,
  • We'll send you renderings, design recommendations and product costs with no obligations.

Take photos of your outdoors during the daytime

Using your smart phone or digital camera, take pictures of the areas of your outdoors you would like to illuminate at night.

Try to take the pictures in the landscape position at a distance that captures the entire area. 3 to 4 pictures of all your areas combined is ideal.

Complete the Form Below

Fill in the short form at the bottom of this page with your contact information and upload your pictures.

As soon as we receive your information, our design team will render your pictures to simulate night time views with perfectly place landscape lighting.  Renderings will show the look of the spaces illuminated. A product list and cost will be produced based on the developed design.

We'll Send You Renderings, Design Recommendations and Costings

When you design is ready, we send renderings of your outdoors along with products, design recommendations and a complete costing. 

Whether or not you choose to go ahead with a purchase, the design is yours with our compliments.

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