150w toroid transformer box.
150w toroid transformer front view
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150w Toroid Transformer - MTP150

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Versatile Power

For landscape lighting projects of any size, this 150w toroid transformer is the ideal power source for your outdoor light fixtures.

With the low voltage MTP150, you can power landscape lights in both commercial and residential applications. As all of our available landscape lights range from only 1w to 10w, this transformer can handle most standard-sized landscape lighting systems.

Transformational Durability

The body is made from marine-grade powder-coated aluminum that is durable and resistant to rust. For your convenience, our MTP150 has both 12v and 14v taps to accommodate a variety of lighting needs, layouts, and loads. With these dual terminals, you can also easily avoid voltage drop issues and power more fixtures from the same transformer. Our transformers are completely serviceable and include a 3-year warranty.

  • Input: 120v AC 60Hz
  • Output: 12v and 14v taps AC 60Hz
  • Core: Toroid magnetic
  • Pre-wired photocell hookup

The 150w Toroid Transformer includes 2 wood screws for mounting and an instruction manual. Photocell and timers are sold separately, click here to view our available options.

If you have any questions, read our blog post all about what is and why you need a transformer.