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Silhouette Lights

Bistro Lights - Pub Design (S45)

Bistro Lights - Pub Design (S45)

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Whether you're setting up for an event or looking for lighting that stays up all year, these patio lights are a winner.

Add Ambiance

If your yard is lacking the cozy vibes you crave, these domed string lights are the answer. The solid black shade directs all of the LED's light downwards, creating a slightly more concentrated glow, as compared to lights with open or no shades. 

The reason you'll love this about the S45 is because of the stronger downlighting instead of an open glow that some similar lights may offer. You'll see your guests and your yard better, and you'll also see why these lights are the way to go.

The solid dome matches a more modern and minimal aesthetic, without being too minimal and bare.


With 10 bulbs and over 10ft of length, just a few lengths of these lights can transform yards and outdoor living spaces in less than an afternoon!

  • 120v
  • 6 watts total / 0.6 watts per bulb
  • Matte black finish
  • Domed design
  • Dome is 3.5" in diameter
  • 3 year warranty on fixture, 1 year on LED
  • Plugs into standard outlets

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