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Straight Disc LED Pathlight (PL155)

Straight Disc LED Pathlight (PL155)

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Light up your Path in Style

Light up your life with this Straight Stem Disc LED Path Light - PL155. This beautiful Straight Stem Disc LED Path Lighting makes the perfect addition to any modern garden, pathway or outdoor space thanks to its minimal and contemporary round disc top. The small size and elegant design lends itself to any space and will create the perfect ambiance with its brightness and sophistication. These light fixtures are a great option for anyone looking for a small, sleek, contemporary-looking path light that will make their yard shine. The best part? The straight stem disc LED path light is made from solid copper, giving it its heavy-duty element. 

Here’s Why You’ll Love This

Timeless Design

This LED path light has a disc top, which has a simple appearance. The curved stem is a timeless addition to your landscape. This light is designed to provide ample light without being too obtrusive.

Lasting beauty, even in salt water

The straight stem disc LED path light is made with both the disc and the stem from solid copper. This makes it resistant to corrosion, giving it a lasting heavy-duty element even in saltwater conditions.

Permanently Brighten Your Nights

With the Straight Stem Disc LED Path Light, you'll never have to worry about your landscaping looking dark and dreary at night ever again.  Plus, it comes in a sleek semi-gloss black finish that will complement any outdoor space.

Low Energy, High Power

This light provides powerful illumination while remaining low on energy consumption. The 1.5w LED is super bright, making it perfect for lighting up paths and walkways.


Create a beautiful outdoor space with versatile LED path lights. These lights are perfect for accenting your home's landscaping and adding a touch of style to your yard. With their easy-to-install design, you can have them up and running in no time!

Specifications You May be Wondering About

    Each Disc LED Path Light includes a 1.5w LED lampground spike, and 2 "DryConn" connectors

    Dimensions: 17" x 4"

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