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Single Tier LED Path Light - PL101B

Single Tier LED Path Light - PL101B

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Traditional Design

Our PL101B Single Tier LED Path Light is undoubtedly going to be your yard's new best friend. With it, you can highlight pathways, garden beds, driveways, and patios.

What sets the PL101B apart from our other path lights is the 360° lens that spreads light all around the light fixture. This feature helps to cover more areas with soft and gentle lighting, as well as make an all-around glowing landscape. The cylindrical lens also helps to reduce the number of light fixtures you need with its ability to light both your walkways and the garden beds beside them.

The PL101B is traditional, classic, and versatile. Because of these key design traits, this path light will look right at home in your landscape, no matter the style of your home.


We build the single-tier path light from copper to prevent all corrosion. In addition, we finish the fixture off with a marine-grade powder coating. This coating helps to further prevent damage caused by salt and weathering.

The included ground spike allows this outdoor light to be placed in any loose substrate such as soil, gravel, and sand.

  • 1.5w LED, 2800k
  • Low voltage. 12v AC
  • Materials: copper, plastic
  • Finish: semi-gloss black
  • Ground spike

Each Single Tier LED Path Light includes: a ground spike, 2 "DryConn" connectors, and a 1.5w LED bulb. 

Dimensions: 14″ tall x 6″

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