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Silhouette Lights

Below Grade System Box (UWL)

Below Grade System Box (UWL)

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For Use When Pouring Concrete

Use our PVC casting box for casting your UWL604WP marker lights into concrete. We make these boxes specifically for our marker lights to ensure a proper and perfect fit.

Easy install

This UWL BGS casting box allows for easy installation of new light fixtures when pouring concrete. Not just that, but casting boxes also allow for easy fixture replacements if ever necessary.

Simply attach the box to your form with the conduit running through, and once set, the marker light fixture can be quickly and easily installed flush against the concrete structure. Choose from multiple available styles of our UWL604WP marker lights here

Please note: This casting box is only necessary for installing lights in freshly poured concrete. You don't need to use a casting box when installing these lights into a pre-cut hole. If you do, the fixture may be improperly secured.

  • Material: PVC
  • Includes: Casting box body, lid, and 2 screws

Dimensions: 4"w (without tabs)  x 4"d x 4.25 h

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