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3-Way Stainless Steel Marker Light (UWL604WP 3WAY)

3-Way Stainless Steel Marker Light (UWL604WP 3WAY)

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Durable, Low Profile Lighting

Are you looking to light up a driveway or walkway? The UWL604WP 3-Way is everything you need - and more.

With it, salt damage is a thing of the past. No more carefully salting around your light fixtures in the winter, or waiting for the day that the salty coastal air claims another light fixture's life. The 316 stainless steel body is going to hold up in any environment - even when being driven over on the daily.

But, there's still more to love. The 3-way style diffuser keeps light out of your eyes and instead, focused on only what you want to highlight: driveways, so your lawn stays tire-mark-free, and walkways, so nobody stumbles into your garden beds.


There's no limit as to what you can highlight with this recessed, directional light fixture. Experiment with using the UWL604WP to highlight outdoor steps, walls, gazebos, patios, and so much more.

  • Low voltage, 12 AC
  • 3w integrated LED, 2700k
  • Material: 316 stainless steel
  • Finish: brushed stainless steel
  • Recessed application

Each 3-way LED Marker Light includes 2 "DryConn" connectors.

Dimensions: 2.7" total height x 1.65" cap diameter

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